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STCW - Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting Refresher - FPFF Refresher

The STCW – Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting Refresher (FPFF) is designed to refresh the student from the existing Basic Safety Training and again provide any new insights into the fire fighting (and prevention) that can occur aboard a ship and how to take action on it.
STCW – FPFF training meets the basic training requirements for all personnel planning to go to sea on merchant and/or fishing vessels.
The training complies with regulation VI/1, paragraph 1 and section A-VI/1, paragraph 2.1 of the STCW Convention and the STCW Code of 1978, as amended.

Those who have successfully completed the training will have knowledge and skills in handling basic firefighting.

Intended for anyone working on board ships covered by the STCW regime and the Seafarers Act.

Conditions for participation
De cursist dient in het bezit te zijn van:

  • A relevant and valid basic or refresher BST certificate and a valid boating license
  • een geldige geneeskundige verklaring voor de zeescheepvaart
  • good health and physically able to participate in practical exercises (use of breathing apparatus, confined spaces and heat exposure, swimming)

Course content
Below is the brief course content, emphasizing practical skills:

  • survival at sea and life-saving operations
  • fire prevention and firefighting; use of breathing air


Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive the certificate:

Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting refresher, STCW reg. VI/1, Section A-VI/1 par., Table A-VI/1-2

5 years

Course duration
1 day

Number of students
Minimum 8, maximum 12 participants

Lesson times
8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.