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STCW 1-Day Medical Skills Training.

In addition to the STCW MFA-MC trainings, DRTC offers an additional 1-day medical skills training with the goal of maintaining practical skills.

The actions on which one is tested in MFA and MC training are in many cases difficult to practice on board or at home. As a result, one may become less competent between the 5 annual training occasions. Our theory is continuously available to every participant, however, the practice stops when the course ends.

To respond to this, DRTC is providing a training opportunity that involves only hands-on training during a full course day.

Classes are run according to a set practice program but there is room to accommodate individual needs.


Examples of skills that can be trained are:

  • Inserting an IV
  • Safe application of a neck collar
  • Inject
  • Suture
  • Catheter insertion
  • Taking blood pressure, pulse and temperature
  • BLS + AED
  • Working with medical oxygen
  • Wound dressings
  • Transport wounded
  • Request from students provided within the course material MFA-MC


Relatively small groups are used and actions are tested individually.

If all sections are completed with a passing grade, a DRTC certificate will be awarded.