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STCW - Maritime Crew Resource Management - (MCRM).


In the Maritime Crew Resource Management (MCRM) course, you first take the 3-day BRM/ERM program and then a 2-day supplement for the MCRM program.

The three-day operational (BRM/ERM) level course focuses on teams and teamwork: what makes a team effective? What makes it dysfunctional?

The five-day management level course (MCRM) builds on getting teams more effective with an emphasis on leadership and management and the distinction between the two. Here we zoom in on human factors.

Human factors (human capabilities, limitations, skills and needs) are considered an important factor in preventing marine accidents.


The purpose of the Maritime Crew Resource Management (MCRM) course is to develop knowledge and skills related to human factors, management & leadership, focusing on increasing and ensuring safety to prevent accidents.


Captains, helmsmen, ship engineers and marofs.
Interested representatives of shore-based organizations.

Conditions for participation

To be eligible for certification, participants must hold, or be in training for, a Mate, Marine Engineer or Marof degree.
Participants not in possession of the above degrees or studying for them will receive a certificate of participation.

Course content

The three-day operational (BRM/ERM) level course focuses on teams and teamwork: what makes a team effective? What makes it dysfunctional? The course looks at the leadership function within a team and the role of different personality traits among team members. There is an emphasis on effective communication and how to promote the sharing of ideas. At DRTC, we have maximized the practical element of this three-day course: students participate in a series of professional team activities and simulator exercises.

A ship has several teams within it; how do we make sure they work together smoothly? We explore the importance of a clear vision and how to break it down into tasks and communicate this to the organization. The course delves deeper into the personal motivation of the crew. This course has important practical elements and activities designed to initiate discussion and promote collaboration.

This five-day Maritime Crew Resource Management (MCRM) course covers resource management, leadership and teamwork skills at the management level, enabling candidates to apply these “soft skills” to manage crews and overcome “human factors” issues.

An overview of the topics covered in the HELM M course:

  • Good practices in human resource management on board ships.
  • Relevance of the “human element” in shipboard operations.
  • Principles of task and workload management, including planning, coordination, allocation and prioritization of human and material resources.
  • Use of project management to aid in decision making.
  • Use of effective resource management techniques;
  • Principles and practice of decision-making;
  • Lead and supervise the development, implementation and control of standard operating procedures.
  • Principles and good practices in on-board training, learning, coaching, mentoring, assessment and development of on-board personnel.


Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive an internationally recognized Maritime Crew Resource Management (MCRM) & BRM or ERM certificate according to:
– Table A-II/2 and A-III/2 for Use of Leadership and Managerial Skills.
– Table A-II/1, A-III/1 and A-III/6 for Application of Leadership and Teamworking Skills of the STCW Manila Amendments.



Course duration

5 consecutive days

Prices indicated on the website are for current calendar year and are indexed annually.

Lesson times

8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Number of students

Minimum 4, maximum 12


Formative assessment of practical skills, combined with a short test at the end of the course to measure basic knowledge and competencies acquired during the course


Theoretical sessions supplemented by scenario-based practical exercises to enhance learning.