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NOGEPA 2.3B Refresher Course Coxswain Fast Rescue Craft

Course type:

Emergency training (specialized).

Target audience:

Anyone designated to act as a crew member of a Fast Rescue Craft on an offshore mining installation.


Train the participant in the theory and practice of determining the state of readiness, launching, boarding a person overboard and handling the FRC boats used by mining companies, and conducting rescue operations with these FRC boats.

Learning Objectives:

  • Checking the state of maintenance and readiness of the FRC boat.
  • Basic concepts of good seamanship, setting a course and steering with compass, and operating equipment aboard the FRC boat.
  • Recovery and transportation of a casualty from the water.
  • Perform all procedures related to launching, retrieving and rescuing persons who have fallen overboard.
  • Take leadership in all situations that may arise regarding the rescue of persons who have fallen overboard.
  • Applying a search pattern with navigational aids such as compass, PLB, sounding device, GPS equipment.
  • Participate in capsize training. (Note: only required during basic training).

Prerequisites for practical exercises:

Maximum of 3 participants per instructor and a minimum of 2 instructors per exercise.

Conditions of participation:

Offshore Medical Certificate.


Basic course = 2 ½ days.

Refresher course = 1 day.


Two (2) years.

Note 1:

The basic course can be taught as an integral part of course 2.7 (C or F), so the total course length will be 4 days.

Note 2:

A certificate of proficiency in survival craft and lifeboats, other than fast rescue boats, based on STCW-78, as amended, may be accepted, provided that the date of issuance of the certificate is less than 2 years prior to enrollment in the refresher course.