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NOGEPA 2.2B Offshore First Aid Refresher

NOGEPA 2.2B Marine First Aid refresher course


On each offshore mining installation, when manned (including normally unmanned installations), at least 2 persons must be designated and trained as Offshore First Responders.

Course type:

Emergency training (specialized).

Target audience:

Anyone designated to perform first aid duties in a first aid organization on an offshore mining installation.


At the end of the course, the participant should have the required knowledge and skills to:

  • Provide first aid to accident victims or acutely ill persons on a mining installation;
  • Accompany sick or injured persons during transportation from the workplace to shore;
  • To coordinate and assist in serious accidents involving multiple victims;
  • Managing the first aid equipment on the offshore mining installation;
  • Effectively communicate with the aft guard physician ashore and perform first aid actions at that physician’s direction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Basic first aid principles;
  • Stopping bleeding, simple wound treatment;
  • Fractures immobilization;
  • First aid for shock;
  • Resuscitation in heart-lung failure;
  • Operation of an automated external defibrillator;
  • First aid for unconscious patients;
  • Immobilization of patient(s) with suspected back and/or neck injury;
  • First aid for drowning;
  • First aid for hypothermia;
  • Personal hygiene for treating open wounds;
  • Preparations for transportation of injured/sick persons;
  • Use of first aid equipment;
  • Use of dressings;
  • Use of trauma scale;
  • Communications and radio medical advice;
  • Administering injections into a muscle at the direction of a physician; and
  • Maintaining medical records.

Prerequisites for practical exercises:

Maximum of 12 participants per course and maximum of 6 participants per instructor.


Basic course = 4 days.

Refresher course = 2 days.


Two (2) years.

Prerequisites for participation in the refresher training:

The participant must hold a valid Nogepa 2.2 basic certificate, registered in the Personal Safety Logbook, or a valid “Oranje Kruis Certificate.”

Also accepted for the refresher course is a valid registration as a physician or a valid “BIG” registration for medics.