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NOGEPA 2.9A Helicopter Fire-Fighting

NOGEPA 2.9A Helicopter Fire Fighting.


This course is designed for Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) and Helicopter Deck Assistant (HDA) involved in helicopter operations on an offshore mining installation without helicopter fuel supply. If the helideck team consists of 2 people, the HLO and HDA, both should be able to rescue crew and passengers from a burning helicopter.

Course type:

Emergency training (specialist)

Target audience:

Persons designated as Helicopter Landing Officer or Helicopter Deck Assistant on an offshore mining installation without fuel operations who do not hold a valid registration in the PSL from the 2.6 Member Firefighting and Rescue Team Offshore course.


Training participants in emergency situations during helicopter operations on a helideck, covering firefighting and rescue operations.

Learning Objectives:

Theory on firefighting and rescue operations in relation to helicopter operations on an offshore mining installation.

Practical training:

  • Fight helicopter fires with monitors, fire hoses and portable extinguishing equipment.
  • Rescue crew and passengers from a burning helicopter, using breathing apparatus.

Prerequisites for practical exercises:

  • Minimum of 2 instructors per group and maximum of 6 participants per instructor.


Basic training = 1½ days

Refresher course = 1 day

Prerequisite for participation:

Offshore medical certificate. The participant must be medically fit to use respirators and registered in the Personal Safety Logbook.


Two (2) years.