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NOGEPA 2.8A Leader Fire-fighting & Rescue Team Offshore

NOGEPA 2.8A Leader Firefighting & Rescue Team Offshore

Course Type: Emergency Training (Specialist)

Target audience:

Persons designated to lead a firefighting and rescue team on an offshore mining installation.


To train the student in leading a firefighting and rescue team in emergency situations.

Learning Objectives:

  • The role of the firefighting and rescue team leader;
  • Delegate tasks to firefighting and rescue team members;
  • Review and evaluate team performance;
  • Firefighting and rescue in an indoor space;
  • Firefighting and rescue in a facility;
  • Firefighting at a helicopter;
  • Rescue of crew and passengers from a burning helicopter;
  • Firefighting in a container on the open deck;
  • Fire suppression at pressure valves;
  • Incidents involving heavy loads;
  • Incidents involving chemicals;
  • Organizing exercises;
  • Thorough knowledge of fire-resistant structures related to mining installations;
  • Thorough knowledge of requirements related to maintenance of equipment and supplies;
  • Thorough knowledge of firefighting equipment;
  • Thorough knowledge of fixed extinguishing systems;
  • Thorough knowledge of detection systems;
  • Ensure adequate communication.


To efficiently perform all the techniques mentioned in the learning objectives.

Prerequisites for practical exercises:

  • A firefighting and rescue team consists of at least 5 people, including the leader.
  • There must be 2 instructors per group and a maximum of 6 students per instructor.


Basic training = 2 days

Refresher course = 1½ days


2 years

Prerequisites for participation in basic training:

The trainee must possess a valid registration in the Personal Safety Log from the course “Member Firefighting and Rescue Team Offshore” (2.6a) and have a minimum of 1 year experience in an offshore firefighting and rescue team.

*Note: Students with a valid certificate 2.6a/b, who are not suitable for the use of respirators for medical reasons, may be enrolled in training 2.8a.

Prerequisites for participation in the refresher course:

The trainee must possess a valid registration in the Personal Safety Logbook from the “Firefighting and Rescue Team Leader Offshore” course (2.8a).

**Note: Students with a valid certificate 2.8a, who for medical reasons are not fit to use respirators, may be enrolled in refresher training 2.8b.

Combined refresher course:

To take advantage of team efforts, it is permissible to take refresher training for both Fire and Rescue Team Leader 2.8b and Fire and Rescue Team Member 2.6b at the same time.

The conditions are:

  • There should be a mix of 75% members and 25% leaders in a combined refresher course.
  • Each student’s learning objectives and time allocation must be maintained.