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Nogepa 2.3A Coxswain Fast Rescue Craft (FRC)

Course type:

Emergency training (specialist)

Target audience:

This course is designed for individuals assigned to act as crew members of a Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) on an offshore mining installation.


The purpose of the NOGEPA 2.3A Coxswain Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) course is to train participants in the theory and practice of determining state of readiness, launching, boarding a person overboard and handling FRC boats used by mining companies. Participants will also learn how to conduct rescue operations with these FRC boats.

Learning Objectives:

The following learning objectives will be covered during the course:

  • Checking the state of maintenance and readiness of the FRC boat.
  • Understand the basics of good seamanship, such as setting a course, steering with a compass and operating equipment aboard the FRC boat.
  • Recovery and transportation of a victim from the water.
  • Perform all procedures related to the launch, recovery and rescue of persons who have fallen overboard.
  • Take leadership in all situations that may arise when rescuing persons who have fallen overboard.
  • Applying a search pattern with navigational aids such as a compass, PLB, directional device and GPS equipment.
  • Participate in capsize training (Note: only required during basic training).

Practical exercises:

The practical exercises focus on efficiently performing all the techniques mentioned in the learning objectives. Participants will have the opportunity to apply their skills in realistic scenarios.

Prerequisites for practical exercises:

Practical exercises are conducted with a maximum of 3 participants per instructor. To ensure adequate supervision and guidance, a minimum of 2 instructors must be present for each exercise.

Requirements for participation:

Participants must hold a valid Offshore Medical Certificate to be eligible for this course. The certificate confirms that participants meet the required health standards for offshore activities.


The basic course has a duration of 2 ½ days. The refresher course, designed for participants renewing their certification, lasts 1 day.


The certificate obtained from the NOGEPA 2.3A Coxswain Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) course is valid for two (2) years. After this period, participants must take a refresher course to update their skills and renew their certificate.


Note 1: The basic course can be taught as an integral part of course 2.7 (C or F), so the total course length will be 4 days.

Note 2: A certificate of proficiency in survival craft and lifeboats, other than fast lifeboats, based on STCW-78, as amended, may be accepted provided that the issue date of the certificate is less than 2 years prior to enrollment in the refresher course.