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NOGEPA 1.4A Gas Measurement


When performing certain work and maintenance activities on a mining facility, it may be necessary to test and measure gas, oxygen and/or toxic substances as part of work permit requirements. Correctly measuring and interpreting gas readings is critical to worker and plant safety.

Course type:

This course is a functionally oriented course aimed at developing specific skills and knowledge required to perform gas measurements.

Target audience:

This course is designed for individuals designated to perform gas measurements, such as technicians, operators and safety officers.


The purpose of the course is to train participants in the theory and practice of operating and using gas measurement and detection equipment. Students will learn how to take gas measurements, interpret the measured data and take appropriate actions based on the measurement results.

Learning Objectives:

The following learning objectives are covered during the course:

  • Gas Measurement Strategies: Participants learn what strategies and approaches are used when performing gas measurements in various situations.
  • Measurement Principles, Procedures and Regulations: Students will gain an understanding of the various measurement principles, proper measurement procedures and applicable regulations related to gas measurements.
  • Different Types of Measurement and Detection Equipment: Participants are introduced to the different types of gas measurement and detection equipment used in industry and learn how to operate and maintain this equipment.
  • Interpreting Measured Data: Students learn how to interpret measured gas readings and assess whether they are within safe limits.
  • Advise on appropriate follow-up actions: Based on the measured data, participants learn what actions to take, such as taking safety precautions, reporting deviations and initiating emergency procedures.
  • Advice regarding safety devices and personal protective equipment: Students are informed about the required safety devices and the use of personal protective equipment during gas measurements.
  • Enclosed spaces: Specific attention is given to measuring gases in enclosed spaces and the risks involved.

Prerequisites for practical exercises:

In order to practice practical skills, we work with a maximum ratio of 6 participants per instructor. This ensures that each participant receives adequate attention and guidance during the exercises.


The basic and refresher courses both last one (1) day. During this intensive training course, all necessary topics are covered to thoroughly train participants in gas measurement.

Requirements for participation:

Offshore medical certification is not required for participation in the course. The focus is mainly on the technical skills and knowledge required to perform gas measurements.


Upon successful completion of the course, the certificate obtained is valid for four (4) years. After this period, participants must attend a refresher course to update their knowledge and skills and renew their certificate.

Note: No set course dates are currently available. For more information and to schedule a course date, contact