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NIBHV hallmark DRTC

A new, independent seal of quality for ambitious safety course providers: on January 1, 2018, NIBHV officially launched the new seal of quality. DRTC is the first trainer in Zeeland and 6th in the Netherlands to obtain this NIBHV seal of approval.

De Ruyter Training & Consultancy BV (DRTC) has been providing first aid and BHV training for numerous Zeeland companies for many years, in addition to training for the shipping, offshore and nautical industries, in collaboration with Veiligheidscentrum Zeeland (Training Center) Vlissingen.

Ensuring safety at work in the Netherlands, based on the vision that safety at work is above all a matter of risk awareness and continued learning. In a nutshell, these are the mission and vision of the Nederlands Instituut Bedrijfs Hulp Verlening, the knowledge institute for company emergency response, company emergency organizations, fire and occupational safety in The Netherlands. In realizing this mission and vision, the NIBHV works closely with passionate, certified trainers and instructors for company emergency response (bhv) and company emergency organizations (bno).

The new NIBHV Hallmark replaces the “old” hallmark because new insights about quality have emerged over the past decade. The NIBHV is also emphasizing the quality of trainers even more than before.

Ultimate quality guarantee

To qualify for the Hallmark, trainers must meet strict entry requirements. Also, after being awarded the Hallmark, they are regularly monitored during audits and field visits. This makes the NIBHV Hallmark the ultimate guarantee of quality. Employers who choose a hallmark training provider are choosing a safety course that is up-to-date in content and delivered by knowledgeable, licensed instructors.

New insights about quality

Consciously working safely is vital for businesses and organizations and their employees. Based on that rationale, NIBHV is making an important contribution to workplace safety with the new Hallmark. With this independent, fully updated Hallmark, the NIBHV offers trainers the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the competition, while simultaneously raising the quality of safety courses in the Netherlands across the board. And that ultimately benefits Zeeland’s businesses and their employees; first and foremost, all the people who are assured of a safe working environment.