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The refresher requirement for the STCW basic safety, lifesaving, fast rescue boat and advanced firefighting training courses took effect on 01-01-2017. As of that date, a seafarer must demonstrate that the training courses were taken less than 5 years ago. Proof should be by certificate.

Regarding the refresher requirement for medical training: medical first aid and medical care, please refer to the medical training website

Practice has shown that there was a need for further explanation regarding the entry requirements for participation in the STCW refresher training courses in basic safety, life-saving equipment, fast rescue boat and advanced firefighting. After intensive consultation with the partners involved, primarily the members of the Working Group Training Institutes (WTI) and the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR), a memorandum with further explanation has been drawn up, as well as a flow chart which clearly shows when one qualifies for repeat training, rather than full training.

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