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GWO - Working At Heights (WAH)

In the wind industry, working at height is very common. Turbine masts get higher every year. The purpose of the Working At Heights training is to provide the basic knowledge and skills necessary to use personal (fall) protection equipment, work safely at heights and perform basic rescue work in a wind turbine environment.

The GWO – Working At Heights course includes the following components:
– Introduction to Working At Heights
– Regulatory
– Harnesses for the wind industry
– Vertical fall protection
– Fall Protection Lines
– Work position lines
– Backup systems
– Workplace risks and hazards
– Emergency procedures
– Rescue materials

Admission Requirements:

  1. The practical components are physically demanding. You must be fit enough to complete all practical components. Due to the use of personal protective equipment, your body weight must not exceed 120 kilograms.
  2. If you use medicines, you must report it in advance. If the use of the drug is found to be limiting, the booking will be cancelled free of charge.
  3. You must be in possession of a Winda ID.

Certification & validity:

Upon successful completion of this module, in which you have shown that you possess the required competencies, you will receive an internationally valid GWO certificate and the respective module will be registered in Winda.

The validity of Working at Heights modules is 2 years.

Detailed information about the standard can be found at:

Course duration
Basic training is 2 consecutive days. The refresher training (refresher) is 1 day.

Lesson times
8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Winda Registration:

All participants must register as participants in Winda prior to the start of the course. Registration is mandatory if you want to work in wind energy. After registration, you will receive a Winda-ID. The Winda ID must be included with the course booking.

After certification, we will link your certificates to your Winda account