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GWO - First Aid (FA)

GWO – First Aid
The purpose of the GWO – First Aid Course / Training is to participate effectively in coordinated arrangements for medical first aid on ships at sea and to provide injured persons with a satisfactory standard of medical first aid while they remain on board.
This GWO – First Aid Course / Training is designed to administer safe and effective first aid in the wind turbine industry / WTG environment, in accordance with GWO training in first aid through theoretical and practical training.

The course is open to seafarers designated to be in charge of medical first aid aboard ships.

The GWO – First Aid (GWO) Course includes the following:
– First aid
– Care of the wounded
– Aspects of nursing
– Diseases
– Medically assist rescued persons, including burns & hypothermia
– Maintaining records
– Medicines and medical equipment
– Surgical equipment, instruments and supplies.

The First Aid (GWO) course is also open to seafarers who have previously taken this first aid training and wish to comply with the recommendation in the IMO/ILO Document for Guidance, 1985 to take refresher courses at intervals of about five years.

Admission Requirements:

  1. You must be physically able to attend this course.
  2. In connection with use of personal protective equipment, Your body weight may not exceed 120 kilograms.
  3. If you are taking medicines you must mention this at the time of booking. If it is found that the use of the drug is limiting, the booking will be cancelled free of charge.


The course was developed based on GWO module component First Aid.


Participation is valid for two years.
After 2 years, You must attend a one-day refresher course.
It is valid for two years.

The course is recognized by the Global Wind Organization ( )

Conditions for participation

Course duration
1 day basic course and 0.5 day refresher course
Prices indicated on the website are for current calendar year and are indexed annually.

Lesson times
8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Number of students
Minimum 4, maximum 12

Winda Registration:

All participants must register as participants in Winda prior to the start of the course.
Registration is mandatory if you want to work in wind energy.
After registration, you will receive a Winda-ID.
The Winda ID must be included with the course booking.

After certification, we will link your certificates to your Winda account.