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GWO Boat Transfer

GWO – Boat Transfer
The GWO – Boat landing training is a safety training course that teaches how to safely transition from a boat to a wind turbine and vice versa. This training is part of the GWO Sea Survival, however, only a certificate of participation is provided.

This training for Offshore (Oil Gas & Wind) lasts one half day and consists of a theoretical part and several practical exercises of transfer.

The GWO – Boat Landing course is part of GWO Sea Survival training and developed as a stand alone module for those who only want training in safety of boat transfer from vessel to wind turbine or vice versa.
The course was developed based on GWO Sea Survival module section Boat Transfer.
If you want to obtain GWO certification, you must take the full GWO Sea Survival training course.

The GWO – Boat Landing course includes the following:

1.Safety introduction aboard a ferry boat.
2.Dangers in different types of transfers
3.Safe transfer between dock and ship
4.Safe transfer between ship and WTG.

The duration of this course is 2 to 4 hours, depending on class size.

We can offer this training at our training locations, but it can also be offered on location-or aboard a ship-by arrangement.