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GWO - Modules

A new component within DRTC’s training offerings are the GWO (Global Wind Organization) trainings. There is an increasing need for training related to working on wind turbines. DRTC works with Height Safety Experts (HSE) in working at height in this regard.

Regarding working on wind turbines, it is necessary for maintenance personnel to receive training on how to enter and climb the mast and nacelle (turbine house) of wind turbines. In addition, escaping from height and rescuing colleagues at height is part of training. To practice these parts, a tower built for this purpose is used with a specially equipped platform on top for the descents.

In addition to entry and descent, a mandatory component is fire prevention and escape from a smoke-filled nacelle. This is practiced in a simulated nacelle standing about 15 meters off the ground.

In addition to being used for training purposes, the objects can also be used to test various (safety) materials and procedures.

The Global Wind Organization (GWO) is an alliance of Wind Turbine owners and manufacturers with the goal of an accident-free work environment in the wind industry.

GWO Trainings’ standard consists of recognizable Basic Safety Training (BST) and Basic Technical Training (BTT).

DRTC Also Offer the separate modules of the GWO Trainings.

The full standard includes 5 + 3 modules:
– First aid
– Working manually
– Fire awareness
– Working at height
– Survival at sea
– Mechanical
– Hydraulics
– Electric