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GWO - Basic Technical Training (BTT).

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GWO – Basic Technical Training (BTT).
Upon completion of the (GWO) Basic Technical Training (BTT), you will be aware of the hazards involved in working on hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems in a wind turbine environment and how to control these hazards. You will be ready to work in the wind energy industry upon completion.


The GWO – Basic Technical Training (BTT) consists of the following three Modules:

  • Mechanical (BTTM)
  • Electrical (BTTE)
  • Hydraulics (BTTH)

The Basic Technical Training modules are aimed at candidates who have no previous experience with hydraulic, mechanical or electrical systems, but can also be used to retrain candidates who have some knowledge, but not of their application in wind turbines.


This Basic Technical Training (BTT) course should enable participants to perform basic hydraulic, mechanical and electrical tasks under the supervision of an experienced technician.

This course does not make participants a trained person to perform hydraulic, mechanical or electrical work without supervision.

Admission Requirements:

  1. The practical components are physically demanding. You must be fit enough to complete all practical components.
  2. You must be in possession of a Winda ID.


Upon successful completion of this course, in which you have shown that you possess the required competencies, you will receive an internationally valid GWO certificate and the relevant module will be registered in Winda.

The validity of the Basic Technical Training is unlimited, there is no repetition requirement, but if you have not worked in this industry for a long time, re-certification may be required.

Detailed information about the standard can be found at:

Course duration
4 consecutive days
Prices indicated on the website are for current calendar year and are indexed annually.

Lesson times
8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Winda Registration:

All participants must register as participants in Winda prior to the start of the course. Registration is mandatory if you want to work in wind energy. After registration, you will receive a Winda-ID. The Winda ID must be included with the course booking.

After certification, we will link your certificates to your Winda account.

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