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NIBHV Company first aid repeat

Keep the Industrial Emergency Response diploma valid.

As a responsible organization, keeping your employees’ emergency response skills up-to-date is critical. This refresher course is designed to reinforce the knowledge and skills gained during the basic First Aid training. By participating in this course, you will refresh your knowledge of emergency protocols, improve your first aid skills and strengthen your ability to respond effectively to workplace emergencies.

Intended for
Owners of the FAFS diploma.

Course content
First aid; limiting and fighting incipient fire; evacuation and communication. The Company Emergency Response refresher course is a comprehensive training program that covers a wide range of topics to ensure you are ready for emergencies. The course is taught by experienced trainers well versed in emergency procedures and best practices. Through a combination of theoretical lessons, practical exercises and hands-on simulations, you will gain the necessary skills and confidence to handle various workplace emergencies.

  1. Review of emergency procedures: Gain a thorough understanding of emergency protocols, evacuation procedures and the role of the emergency response team.
  2. Fire Safety: Review principles of fire safety, learn about fire prevention measures and understand the proper use of fire extinguishers.
  3. Emergency Communication: Improve your communication skills during emergencies, including the effective use of emergency equipment and clear instructions to colleagues.

Company Emergency Response Repairs.

The diploma is valid for one year from the date of issue of the diploma. If the refresher certificate is not obtained within three months of the expiration date at the latest, the diploma of basic training will have to be obtained again.