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DRTC held the first HUET training with the new facility in Flushing on July 20.

A HUET installation was installed in the pool on the training ship the Lingepoort where members with the Maritime Incident Response Groups (MIRG) team of the Safety Region of Zeeland attended their recurrence for this training.

The training is part of the regular NOGEPA 0.4 and 0.5 courses required for people working in the offshore industry with helicopters to be dropped off at their work location. For this, DRTC has recognition from NOGEPA

As part of their regular training, the first members of this team, which specializes in fighting incidents aboard ships on open waters and seaports, attended this HUET training. Eric Lems, Maritime Safety Specialist & Fire Service Officer from Safety Region Zeeland said he found the training enjoyable, well-constructed and informative. The support during training by our own divers was considered very pleasant. “After all, it’s always nice as colleagues to support each other in this. You know each other and that gives a familiar feeling.” In the coming time, the remaining members of the team will start attending their HUET and Sea Survival trainings.

In the spring of 2022, days in the ship firefighting specialization will then follow which will also be facilitated and supervised by DRTC.

HUET training
HUET training at DRTC
HUET training at De Ruyter Training & Consultancy
HUET training at De Ruyter Training & Consultancy