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De Ruyter Training & Consultancy B.V. (DRTC) based in Vlissingen has taken over the course activities, the training pontoon ‘Sepia’ and the contents of NTTA. This follows the application for suspension of payments in mid-September 2018 by NTTA B.V. and the declaration of NTTA’s bankruptcy by the District Court of North Netherlands shortly thereafter. Regular (non-funded) nautical education was not adopted. The course operations will continue under the name DRTC Groningen B.V.

The teachers/instructors and support staff involved in providing the courses have joined DRTC Groningen. The acquisition was completed with the cooperation of the trustee, Mr. L.H. Hooites of Plas Bossinade lawyers and notaries of Groningen, created.

All training is now provided on the training pontoon ‘Sepia’, moored at Bornholmstraat 20 in Groningen. The Atoomweg 2H location in Groningen was discontinued as of December 2018.

Some of the courses will be carried out in close cooperation with Noorderpoort where DRTC Groningen will act as the contracting party for our relations. With the close cooperation, knowledge and skills are strengthened and expanded which enhances the quality of nautical education and courses. Through its cooperation with Noorderpoort, DRTC Groningen can offer all STCW courses, Ship Management and Marcom courses. In addition, DRTC Groningen will provide some of the mandatory STCW courses for Noorderpoort’s nautical students.

The national MBO Choice Guide recently designated Noorderpoort’s maritime programs as “Top Programs.”

The cooperation is not limited to nautical training but also focuses on wind industry training and safety courses.

DRTC Groningen’s existing course offerings will therefore be expanded to include wind sector safety courses in mid-September 2019.

DRTC is thus able to offer its relations multiple training locations with the same course offerings and the same quality and flexibility, both in Vlissingen, Groningen and Willemstad (CW).

In early March, our new website will be up and running and people will be able to register for the courses at their desired location directly through the website.

Contact information:

DRTC Groningen B.V.

Bornholm Street 20

9723 AX Groningen

Tel: 050 311 7385

Chamber of Commerce: 72967935