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DRTC has revamped its Bridge Resource Management (BRM) – Engine Room Resource Management (ERM) training courses. In cooperation with HZ University of Applied Sciences and Noorderpoort College, these trainings are provided. In doing so, we use modern simulators and an experienced team of professionals who have earned their spurs at sea.

DRTC has invested in a license with CAE, a global leader in Maritime Crew Resource Management (MCRM) and Human Factor training. Therefore, in addition to our 3-day BRM/ERM program, our new 5-day program is fully HELM-O & HELM-M certified.

Leadership in complex situations, cooperation of bridge and engine room team, cultivation of “situational awareness,” are some of the components covered in this new format. Our MCRM program goes beyond the STCW training requirements for BRM/ERM and enables participants to identify and use all available resources, both in everyday situations and on occasions that require in-depth collaboration as well as problem solving in complex and rapidly changing environments.

Human factors have been identified as the key area where significant safety gains can be made. Bridge Resource Management / Engine Resource Management is advocated as the primary means of reducing human factors incidents and accidents. The focus of this program is on the following topics:

  • Preoccupation with minor (technical) problems
  • Failure to delegate tasks and responsibilities
  • Not setting priorities
  • Inadequate supervision
  • Available data are not utilized
  • Failure to communicate intentions and plans
  • Failure to recognize and Challenge Deviations from SOPs, rules, etc.

Check out our new course dates and sign up through the website or contact us by mail or phone to learn more about the training.